Jack Mlynski is a Franco-Canadian, musician, composer, singer, and artist, born in France.


He learned music at an early age with his father, first studying clarinet as a child, before turning to guitar, keyboards, and electronic sounds. In 1967, he started playing in a psychedelic rock band.


In 1974, he was one of the four founding members of the progressive rock group ARTCANE. ARTCANE gave concerts throughout France from 1974 to 1979. The album ODYSSEE was recorded in 1977 by the group on the label Philips Phonogram.


After the disbanding of ARTCANE, Jack spent a year in Paris where he worked as a guitarist, before moving back to Auvergne where he formed a new rock group BANK, for which he composed new work that was recorded as Island Studios of London, in 1981.


Jack left for New York in 1982, before moving to Montreal, Canada, in the mid-nineties. In these two cities, Jack played contemporary music and experimental rock with a variety of musicians. At the same time, he kept an art studio where he produced works on a variety of supports – canvas, wearable, papers, etc.


Back in France, Jack continues to produce music and paintings on contemporary themes such as crowds, megalopolises, urban environments, or migrations.




No way back possible